Seal Coating & Asphalt Protection

Asphalt Maintenance

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To seal the top of the asphalt, seal coating helps prevent water from penetrating the surface of the pavement and serves to protect the top layer of asphalt from oxidation and wear caused by exposure to the sun and air. Seal coating also improves the appearance of the pavement by providing a smooth, black, even surface – making it easier to install painting lines and cleaning. This process bonds to the existing surface.

Maintaining the Integrity of Your Asphalt

Asphalt failure often begins with the oxidation of an untreated pavement surface which causes the asphalt to become dry and brittle. The top layer of fine particles erodes, exposing the larger aggregate and leading to small cracks on the surface.

How Often Should I Seal Coat Asphalt?

Seal coating regularly can prevent costly removal and replacement repairs by slowing the oxidation and erosion of the top layer of asphalt. On older pavements, seal coating replaces fine particles lost from the asphalt surface due to oxidation. Seal coating also seals the small cracks that can turn into large cracks and prevents water from penetrating to the base material.