About Benjamin Asphalt

Seattle & Puget Sound Asphalt & Paving Specialists since 1981

Benjamin Asphalt is a full-service paving and construction company with over 40 years experience. We have the latest technology in equipment for preparing and laying asphalt. The material removed in the grinding process is sent to companies that recycle it for new uses. We also use this material for road base where we can. This technology, combined with our experience and craftsmanship, give you the best product at the best price. We are a locally and family-owned business, founded in 1981, based in Carnation, Washington. We serve the King County metropolitan and rural areas. We use only the best materials and maintain the highest standards of workmanship with our client’s needs in mind.

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Construction management is your key to quality and timely completion. Our management specialists control each phase of your project, letting us maintain tighter schedules. We do the work at night and on the weekends so that our customer’s business goes on as usual.  And we work for early completion which allows construction cost savings.

Benjamin Asphalt recycles existing pavements for new uses and employs equipment and techniques to eliminate any impact on the environment. With the environment in mind, we pride ourselves in being part of the solution towards cleaner air and reclamation of our natural resources used in our operations.